Website-Under-Construction.jpg Welcome to the new Calvary Baptist Church website. We are excited to complete the functionality in the coming months.

NEW DATABASE: We are excited to implement a new database and resource management system that is based on YOU as a person. So, our staff is hard at work putting current directory information into the new system.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: We would like your help putting in information for you and your family. Particularly we are needing birthday, anniversary and grade information. For your children, this will help greatly in the new check-in system that will keep them more secure while here at CBC.

SETTING UP A LOGIN: Click HERE, or click the "Login" link in the top right of this page. Input your information, and If your directory information is already in our directory, you should be given the option to select your person on the second screen. If your information is not in our database already, that is ok. Fill out the account setup, and we will be glad to have you in our directory.

UPDATING INFORMATION: After logging in, click on "Hello (your name)" in the upper right corner, and select "My Account." From this page you can update your information, the information of your family members, and even add new family members if needed.