Choir Announcements
  1. We are having practice this Sunday at 4:30 PM
  2. Contrary to my earlier understanding, the mask order is still in effect, so I cannot tell you that we are not wearing masks. At CBC we encourage you to obey the authorities, but (as is consistent in other areas of church) we do not take enforcement upon ourselves.
  3. In order to encourage your participation in both choir AND in compliance with the mask mandate, I have purchased 40 clear face shields that can be head-worn and will satisfy the requirement. These will allow breathing to be freer, and allow me to see your face and vowel formation. It will cause you to hear yourself a little more, but it seems to be the smallest price to pay to be in compliance.
  4. When we perform starting in September, we will present the music on Sunday mornings on the choir risers without masks or face shields. We are departing from the mask mandate adherence for performances under the following reasoning:
  • Under the first amendment of the US Constitution, it states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." This has been ruled to include the expressions of that religion and belief in multiple rulings.
  • We believe that music is a core component of our worship of God--our religious practice.
  • Expression of music is more than just sound, but is visual as well.
  • Therefore, a mandate that hinders the full expression of our worship of God by requiring masks (which make singing almost impossible), or face shields (which are very distracting to the congregation, and thus hinder the ministry), is not applicable because it is in contradiction to the highest law of the land--the US Constitution.

    1. In addition, most often we will endeavor to have the choir selection early in the service so that the amount of time together that is "unmasked" is less than 15 minutes
    2. If you still have not filled out the Choir Form, or know of someone who would like to join choir, please feel free to forward them the address to this page, and the link the form